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Nickys Nursery Ltd seed company and specialist chilli pepper seed supplier. Nickys Nursery seeds Large range of chilli seeds to grow chilli peppers from mild to the world hottest peppers Buy Chilli seeds of the Worlds Hottest Chilli Bhut Jolokia or ghost chilli, Bih Jolokia, Indian Peppers, Trinidad Scorpion, Trinidad 7 Pot, Habanero, Scotch Bonnet, Aji and Birds Eye Chilli Peppers
All our seed is sourced from leading seed breeders from around the world. Our seed is germination tested in temperature controlled conditions.
Chilli seeds are either hand or machine counted and packaged into hermetically sealed foil packets labelled with germination instructions by our team of seed packers.


Some of the many Chilli Pepper seeds available from stock from our main chilli Seeds website
New chilli peppers are being sourced form breeders throughout the year and are added to our catalogue as soon as they become available.
Over 180 chilli peppers to grow from seed, plus over 900 varieties of vegetable seeds. Companion planting to prevent garden pests attacking crops of vegetables is recommended, wide range of herb seeds for culinary, medicinal and companion planting.

Bhut Jolokia CHilli pepper seeds


Bhut Jolokia chilli seeds
Tested for your assurance of quality seed.
Capsicum chinense. Bhut Jolokia seeds, Ghost Chilli or Ghost Chile, the 'Blistering Hot' Indian Chili Pepper that originates in the area of Assam, India. Bred and tested by the Chile Pepper Institute in Mexico (our source for one of the hottest peppers in the world) the origin of the seed they used was from Bih Jolokia bred in Assam India. Fruits of orange Bhut Jolokia ripen from green to orange through to red when fully ripe.
Up to 1,001,304 Scoville Units - Handle with caution.
Germination - maintain a constant 28-32C Bhut Jolokia can take up to 40 days for germination.


Peppers Chilli Trinidad Scorpion Red 10 chilli seeds


Trinidad Scorpion seeds
Hot Chilli Pepper - Capsicum chinense
The Trinidad Scorpion Chilli it has been stated these chillies are as hot as the Naga Morich or Bhut Jolokia. The chillies ripen from green through orange to red. The skin is similar to the Bhut or Bih jolokia being slightly wrinkled and the peppers sometimes have a small tail, this is where they get the name Scorpion from. The Trinidad Scorpion has a slightly fruity flavour. Seed of this variety is scarce and we only have a small quantity available. Caution very hot pepper.
Germination maintain a constant 28-32C


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Yankee Bell
Plus many more



Chilli Seeds germination; Sow January to late April. Sow hot peppers early as some can take 120+ days from transplanting to fruiting. Temp should be maintained at the indicated temp 25-30C seeds will germinate at 25C but will take longer 30C+ is the preferred temp for the very hot peppers, Jolokia, Morich, Tepin, Pequin and Habanero types can be slow and erratic to emerge (allow up 35+ days for germination) compost should not be too moist to prevent the seeds from rotting, keep seed & seedlings out of draughts. chilli pepper seeds, chili seeds, chilli, pepper seed, Bhut Jolokia, Bih Jolokia, Naga Morich, Hot Chilli Peppers


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